Hiya! We are Imperial's K Pop society, providing a place for those who enjoy any aspect of Korean entertainment, whether that be the music, dramas, or variety shows. We have hosted a range of different events, including dance classes, quiz and games nights, stream parties and murder mysteries. This year we are hoping to run some larger events such as karaoke and random play dance, as well as external events like clubbing and bowling. We also have a dance team, ICarus, who you can see more about on their section!If attending any of the above events seems like something you're interested in, membership costs £5.00 and can be bought at the link below at the beginning of the academic year. Whether you're new to K Pop, only enjoy the dramas, or have been a part stan twt for years, we'll have something for you!! - Co-Presidents Hana and Nizana.


ICarus is our official dance team. We upload covers of both K Pop songs and K Pop artist covered songs, attend K Pop dance competitions to represent Imperial, and teach dance classes.If you are interested in joining the team, auditions are held at the beginning of Autumn and Spring terms. Details on how to audition will be posted closer to the time, so follow our Instagram for updates!Check out our covers on our YouTube channel by clicking on the link below!


Classes will be held weekly on the choreo of popular, new, or highly requested K Pop songs, depending on whatever you guys fancy; after all, you will be voting for the classes we teach! Polls will be uploaded to our Instagram story weekly, so make sure you check our stories so we can give you guys what you want.At the start of the year we will offer two free taster classes, so you can get a feel of how they're run, and following that the prices for members are:
> 1 class = £2.00
> 5 class pack = £7.50
> 10 class pack = £12.50
Class packs can be bought at the link below!


Feel free to contact us on Instagram DM with any feedback, questions or requests.You can also contact us via email: [email protected]We will get back to you as quickly as possible!